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Hack-A-Day #8 CTRLing Mouse Clicks

Hack-A-Day #8 CTRLing Mouse Clicks

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In my previous article, I discussed a way to minimize mouse clicks when working on any-windows based application. Aside from saving time and effort, it can also prevent  “carpal tunnel syndrome” or RSI (this is not proven yet, but its possible).

This time, Instead of finding and clicking an application to start. You only need to click the CTRL Key + the third button on your mouse , or in most instances, the scroll wheel (in case you don’t know, it is also a button). All you need to do is download QuickMenu, install it, bring all the shortcuts of your favorite apps inside the shortcut folder and start using its magic.

Pressing “control key + middle mouse button” triggers the launcher menu which lists predefined shortcuts.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Download the application here: QuickMenu

2. Double Click and Install the application

3. A folder called “shortcuts” will be created on the desktop

quickmenu folder

4. Copy the shortcuts of all your favorite applications inside the “shortcuts” folder


5. Once all the selected shortcuts are inside the folder. Launch the QuickMenu application and click “rebuild menu”


quickmenu rebuild command6. Then Voila! you now have a magic “third button” which gives you a direct link to your favorite windows application .

7. Now its your turn, download and try it. Just Remember CTRL+3rd Mouse Button is your Magic Combination.