a nursing informatics toolbox

About the Author

Rolando is a veteran healthcare professional; a registered Nurse by profession. He worked the trenches of clinical nursing for almost 16 years. He dodged numerous flying bed pans and exploding rectal tubes. He survived conflicts with omnipotent doctors and horrible managers. Dealt with pain medication enhanced patients and their equally wild relatives. He, however, believes that, despite the severe challenges inherent in the Nursing profession, it is still the best profession in the world. He always states that helping people every day is a very rewarding way of earning a living. While staring at his computer screen in his new job, he still dreams of working as a Nurse with his favorite white scrubs on.

Currently, Rolando is working as a Senior Consultant for an international technology company implementing electronic medical records for healthcare facilities. He has a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Informatics.

Rolando is a born entrepreneur. He started doing business when he was in grade school in his native country; the Philippines. He successfully launched a telecommunication business before migrating in to this country. His expertise includes, networking, audio and video technologies, wireless communication, internet technologies, voip, and everything in between. He currently launched a startup called Hitmman, which aims to alleviate the shortage of manpower in the healthcare industry. He is also developing an EMR solution for long term care facilities.

In his free time, he cooks, writes and build websites for his friends and clients.


The author can be reached at: rolando@rolandocabral.com