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How To Sign an Electronic Document Using an iPad or iPhone

sign pdf documents for free

Last week I received an email from one of my clients asking me to sign an attached PDF document. The problem is that my printer is broken and I am no longer printing documents anyway.

Nobody is using printers anymore these days, right?

I use Evernote to file my documents directly from its source. I send my boarding passes to my phone and all of my other documents are in PDF format in my PC. So I dont want to buy a new printer just for this occasional event.

So I grabbed my iPad and open iTunes. I searched for an app that will allow me to sign an electronic document like PDF. Luckily after a few tries I found a really good one…..SignNow.

according to its website:

SignNow is the easiest way to sign a document anywhere you go. You can sign your own documents, or invite clients to sign and close contracts faster! SignNow is free to use and simple to get started.

Personalize your John Hancock by typing, drawing, or uploading and create your own custom signature. You can save your signature for re-use and use it when you log in on any device.

Signing with SignNow is legal and secure on any device in the US, EU, China, India, Canada and most developed countries. Using SignNow is better than faxing, emailing, or mailing ‘wet ink’ signatures.

To fill out documents and sign it, all you need to do is download the document and open it using the app. Enter all necessary information by selecting the area and start typing it. You can move the typed text or signature for proper positioning. Once done, you can save it then send it to whoever needs it.

There are also some cloud functionality available to synch the documents across devices but I am not interested in using it now but you can check it out.