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Anybody’s Anymeeting Tool

A few months ago, I mentioned in one of my posts how important it is for nursing informaticist to attend and conduct meetings online. Aside from it offers tremendous savings and reduces our carbon footprint (take note environmentalist), it also provides huge benefits for all parties involved.This meeting can either be with a remote team member, technical support personnel or application vendors. However, cost is always an issue. No matter how rich your organization is, I am sure that your “bosses” will still appreciate some savings in anything you do, including your online meeting applications expenses. Popular choices include GoToMeeting and Webex, but those tools cost a fortune and some smaller organizations may not be able to afford it.
Thank god there’s FREE and thank god there’s Anymeeting. Formerly known as Freebinar, Anymeeting is an AD-Supported online meeting/ webinar application that offers the same feature as Webex and GoToMeeting for Zero dollars. Yes, you heard me right. It is FREE. This is an ideal alternative for those expensive meeting applications that small organizations could benefit from. Take a look at its features compared to the popular brands:


Not bad for a free “app” right? Considering that you can also plan a meeting, invite possible attendees, sell tickets, initiate video conference with 6 people, share screen, interact with attendees, record the meeting and present like a PRO, I believe that Anymeeting is a manna from heaven. It just belied my previous belief that “there’s no such thing as free lunch.” Well, check it out yourself and let me know if I am right about this application.