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The Wonderful World of Wikis!


Have you heard of the word “Wiki”? I am sure most of us did, you know Wikipedia right? Basically, it’s just a digital world’s way of creating and organizing useful information into easily searchable and retrievable repository. You might think it is only applicable for groups or large organization. Well, you are wrong! Wikis can also be used to organize your personal and professional thoughts, contacts, ideas, to-do list, and more.

Wikipad is a basic text editor with a wiki-like functionality. It is a free and open source application for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The biggest feature that set Wikipad from other similar applications available today is its functionality which allows its users to organize information based on their needs. It can link notes together, add files and URLs (universal resource locators) which can be opened in its native application.

Multiple wikis can be created for your information, which may consist of one or multiple documents. You are free to fill the documents as necessary including rich text formatting options, directly using the program’s editor. Media files can also be included as file links pointing to local files. The application is very straightforward. With minimal to moderate background on most text editing applications like Word or other similar programs, anybody can start using it. However, it is advisable to go through the help and FAQ files which will ensure an even smoother dive into the organized world of Wikis.

In my job where I need to keep track of overwhelming amount of information, a lack of organized tool to sort it out, means a total failure. This is why we need to look for ways to resolve this issue and ensure our success in our professional endeavors. Wikipad may be another application to learn, but I assure you that it will be worth it. Wikipad is a simple but powerful application that can surely make your day a lot brighter.

Download it here.