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Hack-A-Day #3- How to Googlelize Your Boring Office-Imposed Internet Explorer

Some of you might say that I can read your minds. I know…I know… You are already sick and tired of that boring IE 6 or 8 that  your IT administrator is forcing you to swallow. But don’t despair, remember that old adage, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. So sit tight and read as I am going to show you how to install Google Frame. Here’s what The EL-GooG has to say about this “manna-from-heaven-tool-for-an-IE-bored-office-guy”:

“Non-Admin Chrome Frame runs a helper process at startup to assist with loading the Chrome Frame plug-in into Internet Explorer. The helper process is designed to consume almost no system resources while running. Once installed, non-admin users will have the same no-friction experience that admin users of Chrome Frame have today.”

In English, it means that you can use Chrome Browser’s functionality on top of your geriatric Internet Explorer without alarming your organization’s security officer. nifty, eh!

Now, download Chrome frame and make a promise to Sergey Brin that you are going to offer him your first born. Here’s the file: Chrome Frame. Download here means that the application will only “googlelize” Bill Gates’s IE. It will not really download as in “download” like other regular applications, so relax you are safe.

Get it now, just in time for the Google+ launch. Don’t forget to leave me a comment.

if you want to learn more. Here’s the link to Google Frame’s FAQ