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Hack-A-Day #2: How to Use Dropbox if it is Blocked in your Network.

Like I told you before, ditch your old USB drive. It’s so outdated as your CRT monitors and your “Flock of Seagulls” LP record. Cloud storage is the future! With Dropbox, you can access your files in the office or wherever you are (i mean as long as you have an internet connection) OK…O.K. But Wait! What if it’s blocked by your freakin’ Websense guard dog? (This is always the case). Don’t whine OK . Don’t forget, you are at work and you are not supposed to play with your Dropbox anyway.

However, in case you really need to. That’s easy!

But promise me first that you will never use this trick to perform criminal activities right? Do not keep a stolen Percocet or a packet of medicinal MJ in it ok? Or in a very realistic possibility (considering the nature of our job) do not store any Protected Health Information in your DropBox, especially if it’s not yours.

This is for educational purposes only

How to send files into your Dropbox through email.

  • Get a Dropbox account (if you do not have one)
  • Go to SendToDropbox (http://sendtodropbox.com/)
  • Click the “ConnectToDropbox” link
  • You will be prompted to allow Sendtodropbox to access your Dropbox account.
  • Click yes and you will be given an exclusive email address that you can use to send files into your Dropbox account.
  • There is a drag and drop preference setting to allow you to point where in the Dropboxes’ file hierarchy you want the file to go. Initially just keep it on default.
  • Send files to your Dropbox from your office Outlook  or any available email client and attach the file you want to store.
  • Click send and that’s it
  • It’s easy…right?!

How to download a file from anywhere and  save it directly into  your Dropbox.

This trick is useful in cases where you need to download something but you can’t because you are at work and of course, it is not allowed.

Go to https://www.sidecloudload.com/

  1. Enter the URL of the file you wish to download in the appropriate field.
  2. Enter the email address of your Dropbox account. This is not the same as the email address you got from Sendtodropbox. This the username for your Dropbox account
  3. Enter your Dropbox password
  4. Click submit and wait.
  5. A message will appear as soon as your dirty little deed succeeds.
  6. That’s it!

Now, its time for you to try it. Don’t forget to leave me a comment later!

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  • Trolo13

    Hi. Thanks for your post.
    It is very useful.
    By the way, I also need to know how to access to my Dropbox inbox, or similar, how I can download some files from there.
    Thanks again

    • Rolando Cabral

      i am trying to figure it out right now. i will let you know as soon as i find a solution to that problem thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DayJob Jeremy Titus

    Not exactly what we need when we are blocked. We need sync ability not access to upload. I need full sync between machines but am blocked at work. Since the dropbox app does not allow for port and url control, we are out of luck it seems.

    • Rolando Cabral

      You are right Jeremy. It is really difficult to circumvent company network restrictions. It can be done but you may risk getting fired. It’s not worth it I guess.

    • Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard

      I run a VPN when I need access to dropbox at work. 

  • Flim


  • beandogger

    This should be re titled “How to SEND files to DropBox”. It doesn’t speak to retrieving files or updating your folder.

    • Ryan Strait


  • Wackadoodle

    Dropbox Question

    I really liked ur tips on this. Thank u for that wonderful read. But now I have a hypothetical that I wud like u to comment on, when u get a chance to.

    When I type the address to Dropbox at my workplace, into the browser’s address bar I get the blacklist notification from the company proxy stating that the site I’m trying to access is of type online storage, so I’m disallowed.

    But when I search for the term “Dropbox” in google and then click on the dropbox link that google gives me, I can access the Dropbox site without any issues. I was also able to test upload a file to dropbox thought the browser.

    My q: Based on what u have read so far do u think my company (is/will be) able to track what has been uploaded to dropbox? Or since I was able to do this, the extent of their security stops at what has been entered into the address bar rather than what site has been searched for and browsed to.

    Much Thanks in advance.

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