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Hack-A-Day: OpenProject, the free project management application

Even if everybody tells me that “there’s no such thing us free lunch”, I still believe otherwise. With a little digging, you will realize that the internet is a cauldron of tasty free treats. The key word is “Open Source”. If you are too broke to buy these ridiculously expensive applications, just append the word “Open Source” to any software utility you are looking for. Then, Voila! you have a huge chance of finding a free alternative. Now let’s try it. Say, you cannot afford the “stroke-inducing and appendix-rupturing” price of MS Project. Open Google, then type the word “open source project management software”.

The result will surely be Open Project. It is a free project management application which intends to replace Microsoft Project. It can open native MS Project files as well as files made in GANTT Charts and PERTH Charts. It was developed by Projity in 2007. It runs on the Java Platform so it can basically run on major Operating Systems.

Here’s the link to the installation files. Grab it now and drop me a comment later. OpenProject