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A Guide to Self-Hosted Cloud Storage

A Guide to Self-Hosted Cloud Storage

how to build your own home based cloud storageIn my previous articles, I have been preaching the convenience and benefits of cloud storage. I even told you to ditch your old USB drive as it is no longer in fashion. There are some few issues, however, that can prevent us from embracing the power of cloud storage. One of which is security; some of us are still very apprehensive and suspicious about handing their precious data over to a third party. Another thing is cost. Dropbox can make you poorer by around $10/ month for a 50 gig space and Sugarsync can also run around the same figure.What about if I tell you that we can hit those two birds with one stone? We can have our own home-based cloud storage and stay away from that monthly fee. Sounds good right?

How are you going to do it?

pogoplug and tonido cloud

You have two possible options; PogoPlug and Tonido. These two contraptions will allow you to create your own internet connected storage out of an ordinary external hard drive. All you need to do is, of course buy a PogoPlug or Tonido and an external hard drive. Then, connect it to your home router. Minor configuration may be necessary, but these devices were designed to be used by human beings with minimal technical knowledge. In short, you can do it.

Once installed, you can now access your hard drive from anywhere (with internet connection). Both Tonido and PogoPlug have mobile clients so you can access it from your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices.


First, you keep your own data, so I believe you feel more secure. Second, your available space is only limited by how big your installed hard drive is. You can have 1 or 2 terabyte, it’s up to you. Third, you wont be paying any monthly dues. Although, you probably shelled out around 1 or 2 Benjamins for the hardware, I still believe that it’s a more cost-effective solution. Lastly, Tonido and PogoPlug’s web based clients are usually allowed by your “freakin” filtering application which means you can access your files from the office.

You now have all the power that cloud storage has to offer; you can store docs on it, stream videos, view pictures and listen to your MP3s.

By the way

I am assuming that you already have a broadband internet connection at home. If not, then you better grab one.

PogoPlug is on sale right now. So check it out!