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How to be Private in Public- Ensuring Privacy While Using Public Wi-Fis

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I believe most of us uses our computers through public wi-fis. In the airports while waiting for our flights or at McDonald while enjoying our favorite sandwich. Nursing Informatics Consultants who spend most of their time traveling from home to work and vice versa surely enjoys these airport freebie. This practice ,however, poses a considerable risk as anybody with the right skills and tools can intercept your data and gather important information from it.

To avoid this potential problem, I would really advise you to take precautionary measures like using an “anonymizing” or “stealthifying” service like VPN (Virtual Private Networking). VPN protects your data by creating a secure tunnel of sort where your data passes through. But this service can be expensive and if you are not using it a lot. It might not be worth it.

That is why when saw Cyberghost VPN offering a free service, I immediately went to their site to check it out. Based on their claims, it looks like a pretty good proposition. It is free with data limitation of 1 Gig or 6 hours of usage (whichever comes first).But  If you will only use it when connected to a public network, I believe this data cap is more than enough.

Let’s Check it Out!

CyberGhost VPN at your service!

CyberGhost is an important tool for protecting your privacy. CyberGhost VPN replaces the externally visible IP address, which users have received from their provider when they dial up to connect to the Internet, with a CyberGhost VPN IP address. The CyberGhost user shares this IP address with a number of other users. This procedure ensures that the CyberGhost VPN IP address should not be assigned to one particular CyberGhost VPN user.

Communication between the CyberGhost VPN user’s computer and the anonymization servers is also particularly well protected to prevent any eavesdropping on data transfers. This protection is set up in 2 steps when establishing the connection. 1024-bit SSL encryption is used when establishing the connection. In this case, a 128-bit AES key is negotiated, which is unique for each connection. The actual communication takes place via this AES key.

here’s the link to their site: Cyberghost VPN

To Sum it up

I installed it on my PC and check it out at McD with my favorite sweet tea. It is pretty much straightforward. Just like connecting to our office VPN, it went through the usual authentication process and it started feeding me with the sites that I want to see. Considering the use of 128-bit SSL and AES Key security protocol, I feel more secure that nobody will know the fact that I am an avid member of “Club Penguin”.