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ProEject Disconnect​s USB Drives Properly

Although I am no longer an avid supporter of portable USB-based storage, I still believe that most of you still uses it. It is, therefore, necessary to, at least, show you how to properly use it. How do you use it? of course to store files! I know that, but my point is, do youContinue Reading

Just Another Screen Capture Tool-Screen2Avi

In the past, I already talked about screen-casting applications like Cam studio and Jing Project. Unfortunately, I forgot to include screen2avi as another worthy option. Similar to its counterparts, it has the ability to capture any screen activity and convert it into an .avi file. In case you are not familiar with .avi, it isContinue Reading

CSVed- The Better CSV Editor

Anybody familiar with CSV files or comma separated values or comma delimited files, etc.? According to Wikipedia The comma-separated values (CSV) pseudo-file[1] format is a set of file formats used to store tabular data in which numbers and text are stored in plain-text form that can be easily written and read in a text editor.Continue Reading

Boxify and Diglo- 2 File Sharing Solution That You Might Not Heard of

Boxify and Diglo- 2 File Sharing Solution That You Might Not Heard of

Online or Cloud based storage is so hip these days. It looks like every kid who owns a computer and learned how to build apps want to replicate the success of Dropbox and Sugarsync. In my daily task crawling the recesses of the world wide web, I believe that I stumbled into these type ofContinue Reading

3 Little Apps to Remind You that Your Eyes Need Breaks Too

  Previously, I gave you tips on how to maintain body mechanics infront of your best buddy at work; the computer. You have to remember that when we sit all day infront of that glowing machine, body posture or body mechanics is not the only thing that we should be concerned of. Remember your EYES…yourContinue Reading

Simplistic Calorific- Calorie Counting Made Simple

Simplistic Calorific- Calorie Counting Made Simple

Losing weight by counting calories is just too difficult. I tried it so many times and so many times I failed. I became a vegetarian for two months. I tried to limit my food intake and starve for a week. I tried South and North Beach diet  but I ended up doing West. In short, IContinue Reading

Fee or Free? 5 Paid Productivity Applications and its Free Counterpart

Fee or Free? 5 Paid Productivity Applications and its Free Counterpart

Visio- Dia Creating workflows or diagrams is one of the most common task that we do as Nursing Informatics practitioners. We are lucky if our organization is providing tools like Visio to complete the said task. If not, we are sometimes forced to do it in Word which can be really tedious especially if you are not familiar withContinue Reading