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A Guide to Self-Hosted Cloud Storage

A Guide to Self-Hosted Cloud Storage

In my previous articles, I have been preaching the convenience and benefits of cloud storage. I even told you to ditch your old USB drive as it is no longer in fashion. There are some few issues, however, that can prevent us from embracing the power of cloud storage. One of which is security; someContinue Reading

How to be Private in Public- Ensuring Privacy While Using Public Wi-Fis

I believe most of us uses our computers through public wi-fis. In the airports while waiting for our flights or at McDonald while enjoying our favorite sandwich. Nursing Informatics Consultants who spend most of their time traveling from home to work and vice versa surely enjoys these airport freebie. This practice ,however, poses a considerable risk as anybody withContinue Reading

How to Catch Deceitful, Duplicitous and Dubious (DDD) Charges on your Credit Cards

Do you even check your credit card statements? Do you even bother to verify if the charges were accurate? I know some of you don’t, and even if you do, are you sure you have the eye to catch a DDD charge? Well, like I always say, “rest your worries coz technology is here toContinue Reading

Technology and Policy Should be Like Batman and Robin

If you believe that technology is the “holy grail’ of healthcare, if you believe that it will make all our problems disappear, you have to think again. Technology alone will never suffice our current needs to improve our healthcare delivery system. If you notice, whenever technology solves an old problem, it also creates a newContinue Reading

5 Free ScreenCasting Applications Useful in Creating Training or Tutorial Videos

One of the main task that I do as a nursing informatics professional is to produce training videos for our end users. Most of the time the organization provides the required tools such as Camtasia or Adobe Captivate. It is, however, not the case most of the time. This is why I always look forContinue Reading

Proper Body Mechanics for a Nurse Informaticist

It is possible that when you shifted from Clinical Nursing to Nurse Informatics you thought that body mechanics is a thing of the past. You are entirely wrong! Research shows that  sitting in front of the computer for a long time can cause injuries such as Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), back pain and other relatedContinue Reading