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Boxify and Diglo- 2 File Sharing Solution That You Might Not Heard of

Boxify and Diglo- 2 File Sharing Solution That You Might Not Heard of

Online or Cloud based storage is so hip these days. It looks like every kid who owns a computer and learned how to build apps want to replicate the success of Dropbox and Sugarsync. In my daily task crawling the recesses of the world wide web, I believe that I stumbled into these type of applications more than the other apps category. Case in point is Boxify.me and Diglo. I don’t even know they exist until last night.


boxify me logo

Boxify.me is a service that offers a simple online file sharing service that may make it useful for remote teams. What it does is to create an online box where a file can be uploaded and downloaded by anybody who knows the specific URL (universal resource locator).


diglo logo

Diglo, is like facebook meets dropbox. Aside from just a cloud storage, Diglo allows users to create their profiles and share files with them. The said files, if marked public by owners,  can be browsed and downloaded by Diglo users. Uploaded files can also be shared with  non-Diglo users if they know the link (URL).

It is also act as a personal cloud storage as you are alloted with 15 gb storage space that you, alone can access. Only 5 gb is allowed to be publicly shared.

Do you know where this thing can really be nifty? When you are trying to share a file which is too big to be emailed (remember that 5-10 mb is the emailable limit). So if you are trying to send a presentation to your colleague somewhere and email is not an option because of its size. You can upload it to these “babies” and email the link to your buddy. They can just dowload it.

I am sure that there are other ways that these services can be of great advantage. It is now your turn to figure that out.