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Simplistic Calorific- Calorie Counting Made Simple

Simplistic Calorific- Calorie Counting Made Simple

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Losing weight by counting calories is just too difficult. I tried it so many times and so many times I failed. I became a vegetarian for two months. I tried to limit my food intake and starve for a week. I tried South and North Beach diet  but I ended up doing West. In short, I gave up. I am only 10 lbs heavier than my ideal weight but I still wanna do it for health reasons.

I really believe that the best way to healthy eating is moderation. I stopped believing in so many popular stories like “fatty foods are bad for you” or “going vegetarian is the way to go” because some of those beliefs are really plausible. Case in point is the latest study from Mt. Sinai Hospital that high fat-low carbs diet can actually reverse end stage renal failure. What?!! My granny told me that fat is bad.


It only means that what we believe to be bad today can actually be good the next day. It means that “fats” are not really bad per se. The amount of fat that you take is what really matters. That is why I think moderation is the “silver bullet” against unhealthy eating.

Moderation is about eating the amount of food that your body really needs. This is why calculating your calorie intake is a critical component in ensuring the balance between your body’s energy supply and demand.  Any excess fuel will just end up in your belly or thighs as a padding that you don’t really need, unless you are planning to be a sumo wrestler.

Calorie counting is hard

Yes it is, especially if you do it manually. But with the aid of mobile applications like CALORIFIC, it is going to be a lot simpler.

Calorific just needs to know your profile which includes age, body built, activity level and the amount of weight you want to shed. Based on those parameters, the app will calculate your recommended daily calorie requirement.

The next thing you need to do is to log every meal or snacks you take using a very simple selection tool. You pick the type of food; good, OK and  bad. Every time you log your intake, it automatically calculates its corresponding calorie value and subtract it from your daily calorie allowance. You can monitor your progress by just looking at the included widget which can be placed in your mobile phone’s screen.

The main advantage of this application over its other counterparts is it’s simplistic approach. Counting calories should not be  like brain surgery. Although I found out that the Android variant has an easier user interface than its iOS counterpart.

Download it now, anyway it’s FREE. It’s available on your app store; Android and iOS. Make sure you record everything, and don’t cheat yourself. who knows, this might help you lose those unwanted bumps just in time for summer 2012.