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Antirun-Protecting Your PC against External Storage Based Threats

antirun graphic

Similar to clinical infections, PC viruses and other menacing malwares can also be transmitted through contact with an infected medium. In computer world, this medium can be your USB storage devices, cameras, cellphones and any gadgets with data storage capability. Infected files inside these devices can contaminate your PC and wreak havoc on your precious data. So why take the risk if you can initiate preemptive measures against these nasty threats without spending a dime?

Antirun is a free utility which manages and scans USB based media for any possible threat like viruses and malwares. Once installed, Antirun automatically scans the connected drive, and if a threat was found, the application alerts the user to delete the same in one click. It also creates a tabbed interface which enables seamless management of all connected drives. As an added protection, files can also be added to any connected drive without opening it. The file only needs to be dragged into Antirun’s user interface.

I think this is one of the coolest utility invented since the thumb drive. So what are you waiting for, start your browsers and click that download link here.