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Google Apps VS Microsoft 365…Fight!

Today’s Technology arena is a bloody battlefield. It is a perilous environment wherein who blinks first dies fast. Case in point is the forthcoming battle between Google’s Web Apps and Microsoft 365 . Both aims to provide a cloud based business productivity tools. Google’s offering involves the consolidation of their popular applications like Docs, Gmail, Talk and other little nifty and powerful gadgets. Don’t get me wrong, I always admire Google for improving our online experience at no cost, but I believe Microsoft has the edge in this face-off. This is due to the maturity of their products and its widespread acceptance among enterprise clients.

Microsoft 365 combines Microsoft Office, MS SharePoint, MS Exchange and Lync into a unified web application.  It is now available online to anybody who is willing to shell out $6 a month. Microsoft pitches this product as an all in one productivity and collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes. The service was introduced in beta last year with overwhelming reaction and, in a few months, thousands of businesses signed up and began testing it. These organizations are already reporting remarkable outcomes and reducing IT costs by up to an estimated 50 percent while increasing efficiency.

Google Apps VS Microsoft 365……FIGHT!