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Nursing Informatics is a rapidly emerging profession all over the world. The number and interest of people towards this endeavor are growing every day. It is estimated that with the current initiative to pursue technology as the solution to our current healthcare delivery problems, the number of nursing informatics professional will grow exponentially in the coming years.

This technological revolution is expected to improve access and quality of healthcare. According to HIMSS; the Nursing profession should be the guiding force in this historic undertaking. They should provide leadership and guidance, contribute their expertise and create networking opportunities to all involved.

Sharing of knowledge and information is a critical component of this matter. It is evident, however, that we lack an organized and effective way to collaborate and deliver this information to whoever needs it. This is why I decided to launch a Nursing Informatics Forum that can address this issue. I envision it to be the hub of information collaboration about anything related to Nursing and Technology.

The Nursing Informatics Forum was mainly based on the American Nurses Association’s Functional Areas of Nursing Informatics. I also added sections which will discuss vendor-specific and technical support questions. It also features a sophisticated comment and moderation system that will allow everybody to search for answers, post a question and follow the thread of conversation. It is still in beta phase so I encourage everybody to report any issue as soon as possible. Suggestions and comments are also welcome.

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We also need moderators, if you are interested, please email admin@nursinginformaticsforum.com

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