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Did you know that a physician’s encounter transcript may look like this soon?

Dr:  asl pls?

Patient: 32, M, NY

Dr: CC?

Patient: PDH w/ fvr 4 3 ds

In case you do not know what  ASL means in chat lingo is, it means Age, Sex, Location or PDH is Pretty Darn Hot. This type of medical service interaction can now be availed as doctors move from traditional mode of services into virtual and online presence. Case in point is this very innovative move from this physician practice group from New York. Let’s check it out and start “LOLing” with your doctor during your physical exams.

JAMESTOWN – Family Health Medical Services, PLLC and Jamestown Convenience Care (FHMS), in partnership with BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York, is making health care easier to access through Online Care, an on-demand service that provides secure, interactive medical consultation for patients.

Online Care allows patients to see, speak and chat with doctors and other providers from the comfort of home or work, using only a standard web browser or their telephone. Providers can review the patient’s available clinical information, speak with and see the patient, and, if appropriate, diagnose, prescribe, or recommend follow-up care. The conversation occurs through a secure live two-way video conference, text chat and telephone with local providers.

A complete record of the encounter is created, which can be easily viewed by the patient and primary care physician after the consultation is complete. Online Care is designed to supplement traditional office visits and is recommended for “gently ill” and advice-seeking patients. Patients may complete health assessments, keep track of important health care information and use educational tools for free. The cost of the consultation is minimal, does not require travel or missed time from work.

“Health care has been behind the curve in adopting technology, but now a dramatic shift is occurring,” said Cynthia Ambres, M.D., M.S., senior vice president, chief medical officer for BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York. “The shortage of primary care physicians we face will only worsen in the next decade. Online Care helps to extend the limited resources of our local doctors by increasing their ability to deliver to high quality medical consultation to patients directly and immediately.”

“When patients have access to care and information it encourages them to become more accountable for their own health. Now patients can speak to our skilled professionals from the comfort of their living room whenever a medical need or question arises,” said Robert Berke MD, family medicine provider with FHMS. “In my 40 years of practicing medicine, Online Care may be the most revolutionary change in the way doctors and patients communicate” he continued.

Anyone can register with Online Care through the FHMS website www.fhmsmed.com. Consultations can be requested by any person in New York state needing medical advice.

Patients of Family Health Medical Services, members and non-members of BlueCross BlueShield can use the service. Individuals should visit www.fhmsmed.com to create a free, secure Online Care account.

The service is powered by American Well technology.

What do you Think? Will it solve our health care access and availability issue? Ok pls. BRB l8r 4 ur comments!