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Bio-Seal Lung Plug System Introduced To Reduce The Risk Of Pneumothorax During Lung Biopsies

anatomy of bioseal

The Problem

I can still remember during my clinical days the danger of pneumothorax for patients who undergoes procedures like lung biopsies or post removal of chest tubes. This possible complication is a real life threatening emergency that needs to be avoided at all cost. This is why I still feel better when new technologies like “Bioseal” gets into the market to diminish the risk related to those medical procedures.

The Solution

The said product diminishes the possibility of a collapsed lung during a percutaneous transthoracic needle lung biopsy. A collapsed lung happens when air enters the chest cavity which prevents the lung from expanding normally during respiration. This causes pain, shortness of breath and serious cardiovascular complications.

The Product

The FDA has just cleared the Bio-Seal Lung Biopsy Tract Plug System from Angiotech. It is made up of a syringe prefilled with a hydrogel, which has been solidified and then dried. This is attached to a slender wire, the stylet. The idea is to seal the biopsy entry point and block air from passing through the hole created during the procedure.

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