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What’s going to happen if we will cross Grand Theft Auto with Healthcare? (the gamification of healthcare)

Are you familiar with Grand Theft Auto? If not, then ask your 3 year old son. GTA is a role playing/ simulation game available on PS3 and other popular gaming platforms. The game is equipped with a powerful Artificial Intelligence to appropriately respond to the player’s actions. You can drive drunk, violate the speed limit, text and drive, steal a Porsche, whack anybody and cream your enemies. Isn’t it fun?

What do you think will happen if we cross GTA with healthcare? It would be fun! I can already imagine myself in my scrubs with a semi-automatic rifle; I don’t think my patients will even argue with me! Or scream at me when I cannot give them their Dilaudid because it’s not time yet! Hold it! Hold it! I know the “nurses” in you are already getting excited. I am sorry, that’s not what I mean.

When you cross GTA with healthcare, it will lead to KOGNITO.

Kognito is an interactive game developer based in New York City. Unlike the violent nature of GTA, Kognito aims to diminish the aggressive and violent tendency of people who were exposed to traumatic experiences. It aims to assist care providers to develop the ability to detect and assist people with psychological or emotional instability. It is about creating a supportive and nurturing environment to foster recovery in affected patients.

As we all know, communication is the most important component in patient care. It is also the most challenging but commonly ignored aspect of our care arsenal. How many times have we encountered patients with these issues and we do not know what to do? What is the best attitude to deal with difficult issues such as “end of life”? How am I going to tell my patient about this?

Sounds familiar right? This is our most common difficulty in nursing practice. Most of the times we are not equipped with appropriate communication aptitude to address this predicament. According to Ron Goldman, CEO of Kognito during the Health 2.0 meetup in NYC, the primary objective of his company is to prepare specific care providers identify and assist individuals who are exhibiting psychological distress. Most of their products are still under development but based on what I saw, from a clinician’s perspective, it reflects a lot of potential. It will soon be an indispensable tool to prepare our nurses for effective clinical practice.

check out Kognito at www.kognito.com


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