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A Free EMR and a Dog named Freud

Raymond Zakhari is a tech savvy nurse practitioner. He is using one of many free web based Electronic Health Records application. Practice Fusion is a full featured EHR and practice management software. Here’s what they say about their product:


Practice Fusion is a Free EHR solution: Charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, a comprehensive EHR and practice management tool.


Practice Fusion’s EHR (Electronic Health Record) was developed from the real workflows of office-based physicians. Our free, web-based EHR system is fully-featured enabling you to effectively manage your practice. Use our system to schedule an appointment, complete a medical chart during a visit, send a prescription with our e-prescribing feature and bill for your practice. Our EHR is so easy to use, you can sign up and start charting immediately.


Raymond is effectively using this tool in his Manhattan based practice. His  assistant Sigmund Freud takes care of all entertainment and public relations task.


Check out their awesomely cool story!


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