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Behold! The iPad For Health IT.


In response to a staggering clamor for the use of iPad in healthcare. They are planning to release the iPad H series (as in Healthcare). Check the specs out:


1. 42 inch display (LED backlight) Multi-touch with “Elbow-Arms-Palm Protect”        Technology to prevent accidentally touching the screen when trying to press   buttons    which are beyond arm’s reach.Also Finger and Foot Print resistant.


2. Battery life: 300 days talk time and a stand by of 5 years. It uses truck’s battery.


3. Capacity: 50 terrabyte with RAID array Technology.


5. Processor: 25 Core Intel Xeon Processor and Nvidia Tegra 500


6. Audio: JBL 3050 with full range speaker and subwoofer, plays all audio format including 45 RPM and 33 RPM Vinyl Records.


7. Camera: Dual Carl Zeiss 1700mm f/4 Telephoto Lens.


8. Connectivity: wifi, gsm, cdma,bluetooth, blacktooth, bucktooth, redtooth, edge, ethernet, usb, etc


9. also includes a digital compass, gps navigation, 3 cu ft. fridge and a washer and dryer. electric stove and microwave oven are optional.


10. Total weight 500 lbs without accessories. Hand Truck is included in the box as a standard accessory.


this is iGantic iPad!


Bigfoot will surely be in queue at the Apple store during launch time.


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