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Dell Flip, the Better alternative


The Dell Flip Duo is getting closer to the way I envision a mobile device should be for healthcare professionals. The real keyboard is definitely a big advantage. The multi-touch screen capability is a big plus and the form factor is just about right. Its Windows based operating system would seamlessly integrate with our EMR systems. Deployment would be a breeze because it’s just the same laptop architecture that we learned to love.


The only issue that I am concerned about is its battery life. Since it was based on the Wintel design, the potential to consume more power than its ARM based brethren is always inherent. Another thing is the durability and infection control issues which can be addressed as needed. Other than that, I think its a worthy adversary for the iPad.


If they can only make an iPad with a “flippable” keyboard or a convertible MacBook air with multi-touch capability. That would be really sweeet!

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