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Netbook + iPad = What?

I am really confused now! Can you please tell me that this is really happening!! Firsts we rooted for the netbook, everybody was shouting for joy about its lightness, battery life and price factor. Millions were sold and “wintel”( windows/ intel) people were grinning uncontrollably on their way to the bank. Then their world just went black when Steve Jobs gave birth to the iPad. Everybody was mesmerized about this revolutionary product (even if we actually don’t know what it revolutionized, check the parody from “college humor” after the break). Some say its portable, multi touch, no keyboard, no usb, no portable storage capability, no camera, and a gazillion of things that it doesn’t have. In short, the netbook frenzy was cut short by this “revolutionary device”. However, look at this current slew of accessories for iPad. They want to make it a netbook. Hello!!!! What do we really want? An ipad or a netbook? People will never be satisfied with what they have. First they want a net book. Then they get rid of it in favor of the iPad. Now they want to make an iPad look like a netbook. I can’t wait for the time that people will make their iPad look like a desktop. I’m going crazy with you guys!



Click here for the College Humor Parody


But you know what? this is the best looking iPad with keyboard case I have ever seen. We’ll see if it satisfies my inherent obsession with keyboards.

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