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The Wonderful World of Wikis!

Have you heard of the word “Wiki”? I am sure most of us did, you know Wikipedia right? Basically, it’s just a digital world’s way of creating and organizing useful information into easily searchable and retrievable repository. You might think it is only applicable for groups or large organization. Well, you are wrong! Wikis canContinue Reading

Anybody’s Anymeeting Tool

A few months ago, I mentioned in one of my posts how important it is for nursing informaticist to attend and conduct meetings online. Aside from it offers tremendous savings and reduces our carbon footprint (take note environmentalist), it also provides huge benefits for all parties involved.This meeting can either be with a remote teamContinue Reading

Press that Big Blue Button Please (Free Webex?)

Healthcare IT involves a lot of online meetings and educational sessions. Paying for online communication applications can be prohibitive for most of us. Thank god for “open source” and these few good and brilliant souls out there. “Press that BigBLUEbutton Please” . The site describes this product as an open source application intended for the educationalContinue Reading

Move over Visio, Here comes Gliffy!

  Sometimes it is a part of our job to make drawings, process maps, layouts etc. However, Visio’s price is a huge hindrance for most of us. Unless you want to navigate the underbelly of the  cracked software world, which can be spooky, you won’t be able to get your hands on any decent diagramContinue Reading

Efficiency is the Word- Smart Trainer for Office Shortcuts

In Nursing Informatics, proficiency in Microsoft Office application is a required skill. It is as important as learning to swim before signing up as a NAVY SEAL. This is why we need to brush it up  every day. You can buy books and try to learn new tricks and shortcuts daily. I tried it butContinue Reading

Antirun-Protecting Your PC against External Storage Based Threats

Similar to clinical infections, PC viruses and other menacing malwares can also be transmitted through contact with an infected medium. In computer world, this medium can be your USB storage devices, cameras, cellphones and any gadgets with data storage capability. Infected files inside these devices can contaminate your PC and wreak havoc on your preciousContinue Reading

Primo PDF…the best free PDF creation tool

Document sharing is an integral part of our job as Nursing Informatics professionals. We send files to our boss, to our colleagues and sometimes to our vendors. The problem is that sharing files in its native format is cumbersome and can sometimes lead to problem such as version incompatibility or changes in formatting. Adobe addressedContinue Reading