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Vtach, Afib, Asystole? Don’t worry, there’s now an app for that!

+ Vtach, Afib, Asystole? Don’t worry, there’s now an app for that! If you are having an iHeart attack just grab your iPhone and iCall 911. AliveCor, the company who developed an iPhone 4 case with a built-in ECG, just unveiled a smaller and more streamlined ECG that can work with any iPhone or iPad.Continue Reading

How about a Personal Pyxis in da House?

  HealthOneMed recently introduced Dispense-A-Pill (DAP), a compact personal medication manager that organizes, dispense and reminds the user to take their medications at the right time. This device automatically sorts and releases medication as ordered.   It can even call your doctor when you missed your dose, or if you took more Percocet than heContinue Reading

Press the Blue Button if you Speak Na’Vi and Wiggle Your Right Toe Twice for Spanish

  A Minnesota based company has created a device to translate over a hundred foreign languages. The device is called Phrazer. It aims to aid clinicians and other professional who are critically in need of information which can be hindered by language barrier. The gadget holds a repository of pre-recorded videos of doctors asking questionsContinue Reading

Dell Flip, the Better alternative

  The Dell Flip Duo is getting closer to the way I envision a mobile device should be for healthcare professionals. The real keyboard is definitely a big advantage. The multi-touch screen capability is a big plus and the form factor is just about right. Its Windows based operating system would seamlessly integrate with ourContinue Reading

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What’s my Heart Rate After All?

  An MIT graduate student has developed a way of monitoring a person’s vital signs by just putting then in front of an ordinary webcam.   Ming-Zher Poh has demonstrated that the system can indeed extract accurate pulse measurements from ordinary low-resolution webcam imagery. Now he’s working on extending the capabilities so it can measureContinue Reading

Netbook + iPad = What?

I am really confused now! Can you please tell me that this is really happening!! Firsts we rooted for the netbook, everybody was shouting for joy about its lightness, battery life and price factor. Millions were sold and “wintel”( windows/ intel) people were grinning uncontrollably on their way to the bank. Then their world justContinue Reading

Behold! The iPad For Health IT.

  In response to a staggering clamor for the use of iPad in healthcare. They are planning to release the iPad H series (as in Healthcare). Check the specs out:   1. 42 inch display (LED backlight) Multi-touch with “Elbow-Arms-Palm Protect”        Technology to prevent accidentally touching the screen when trying to press  Continue Reading