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Resynch your Circadian Rhythm with Re-Timer

Those of you who braved cross-country trips to visit loved ones this Thanksgiving holiday or regretted pulling all-nighters to get a jump on Black Friday shopping may be interested in a new portable device from Australia. It’s called the Re-Timer, and it uses light therapy to gradually reset your body’s internal clockContinue Reading

5 Ways to Expand the Limited Storage Capacity of your Mobile Device

5 Ways to Expand the Limited Storage Capacity of your Mobile Device

I recently received a question from one of the readers of this blog, asking me how she can expand the storage capacity of her iPad. As we all know, iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and rest of its brethren have very limited space and no provision for removable storage media was provided by its greedyContinue Reading

Long Live Onlive! PC Desktop on iPad

My biggest gripe against iPad is its inability to run my favorite office applications like Microsoft Word or Excel. Although there are some alternatives like Apple’s Pages or Google’s Docs, I still want to see those beautiful “ribbons” or the familiar interface of the aforementioned Microsoft creations. As of this writing, there are no clearContinue Reading

Bloodless Revolution in Diabetes Management

Bloodless Revolution in Diabetes Management

What do you think will happen to Tom without Jerry, to Beavis without Butthead, to Bill without Hillary or to “Copy” without “Paste”? Unthinkable right? We can’t imagine how  one can exist without the other. How about Blood Glucose measurement without blood? The bright minds at Northeastern University came up with a really ingenious methodContinue Reading

The urine bag is now Social…Introducing the iBag!

Look what social media has done to this world. All of a sudden, everything wants to be connected. And Look who just joined the fray….the foley bag! So move over Steve Jobs! If you think you are the only person who has the right to use the “i” vowel, well think again. iBag is hereContinue Reading

Run and Hide, The Robots are Coming!

I was in a technology meetup the other day and one of the speakers said, in 10 years time, robots will be doing  jobs  that humans do not want to do. It kinda bothers me so I asked him  after his speech, “do you mean illegal robots from Mexico are coming soon?” (of course its a joke, IContinue Reading

Chew your ear off!-Sonitus Soundbite Hearing Aid

Have you heard the phrase “chew your ear off’? If not, it means you are talking too much about nothing  and you are chewing somebody’s ear off. Now, anybody with hearing loss can practically do that because Sonitus Medical just released their Soundbite Hearing system. Here’s what they say about it: SoundBite Hearing System works by makingContinue Reading