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Resynch your Circadian Rhythm with Re-Timer


Traveling across different timezones can be fun especially if you are doing it for pleasure. Like a vacation in Thailand or a week-long visit to the pristine islands of the Philippines. However, this difference in times create havoc in your circadian rhythm. In other words, it disrupts the normal function of your system. Hence, inability to sleep and jet lag presents as the most common symptom.

In this case you may be interested in a new portable device fromAustralia. It’s called the Re-Timer, and it uses light therapy to gradually reset your body’s internal clock.The Re-Timer, which is worn on the face like a pair of sunglasses, emits 100% UV-free green light toward the eyes. The green light, whose wavelength is said to be one of the most effective at moving the body’s clock, acts like artificial sunlight. This in turn stimulates the brain and tricks it into thinking that it is a different time of the day. In as little as about an hour a day for a few days, the Re-Timer supposedly can help reduce jet lag, increase energy, overcome sleeplessness, and manage fatigue.

The Re-Timer is placed over your regular glasses so you can continue working while you’re busy adjusting your circadian rhythms. While the Re-Timer has undergone independent ocular safety testing, it’s not suitable for children younger than 12, as their crystalline lenses have not yet fully matured.

The product is manufactured in Australia by SMR Components, costs $273.90 AUD (about $286), weighs 2.64 ounces, and has folding arms for compact traveling. It promises four hours of battery life and comes with a USB charging cable for re-powering.