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Do We Really Need an “UP” to be Up?

Is Jawbone’s “Up” the holy grail of healthy living? Will it help us get fit effectively or just another “shamwow” and “snake oil” kind of deal? Jawbone UP is a bracelet with magic electronic potions inside designed to assist us towards a healthier lifestyle. It needs to be worn 24/7 to be able to record our habits, activity and our lack of it. It monitors our movements, sleeping habits, food intake and psychological disposition. It even acts as alarm clock to wake us up in the morning and during our mid-day “power naps”. It also vibrates to warn us that we have been static playing “Fruit Ninja” beyond what is considered healthy.

The device sells for $129 from the guys who gave us Jambox. It comes in different colors (Just like the Jambox). The external surface feels like rubber (just like the Jambox). I am not sure if its latex free or not. It feels durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily activity. The manufacturer even suggest that this baby can come with you in the shower. Is this really what we need or just another fancy sham?

Check it out to decide!

here’s the link to its creator Jawbone

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