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Run and Hide, The Robots are Coming!

I was in a technology meetup the other day and one of the speakers said, in 10 years time, robots will be doing  jobs  that humans do not want to do. It kinda bothers me so I asked him  after his speech, “do you mean illegal robots from Mexico are coming soon?” (of course its a joke, I love Mexico, in fact, I am eating a burrito while writing this post).

Seriously, robots will someday assume tasks that we do not want to do, or too risky for humans to perform. Like simulating a patient for dental students, a CPR dummy, a humanoid nurse and girlfriend for a sloppy second-loser next door.

Japan is pioneering this effort. They have been busy building life-like robots to serve different purposes. Let’s meet each one of them:

Hanako Showa- the Dental Patient Simulator

Hanako is a robot with really cool artificial intelligence. She can giggle, wince in pain, move her tongue, and is equipped with gag reflex. Let see her in action.

Actroid-F- the Robot Nurse

This humanoid nurse in white scrubs are already comforting patients in Japan. Isn’t it creepy?

Now that you met the good members of the family. I want you to meet the one who went astray, shall I say “the black sheep”.

Here’s Roxxxy!-the Robotic Girlfriend

roxxxy the robotic girlfriendI am not sure but I suspect Hanako and Actroid were actually re-purposed love dolls like Roxxy ( Dont’t tell her that I am spreading this rumor). I am not certain but I have a strong hunch. Roxxy is 5 feet 7 inches tall, 120 lbs with a full C cup. She speaks, hears and feels your touch. She also goes to sleep. The manufacturer states that they are trying to mimic the human personality in designing Roxxxy. According to them, Roxxxy aims to render human hookers jobless.

Alright geeks and nerds start saving your money because Roxxxy may be coming to a Best Buy near you.

I am not going to include a video of Roxxxy but if you are really interested, you can go straight to their website. Here.