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Simple Cake- Two Online Tools to Manage your Personal Healthcare Expenses

 SIMPLEE AND CAKE HEALTH LOGODo you really understand how the healthcare payment system works in this country? Honestly I spent 6 months studying healthcare finance in my master’s class, but I have not fully absorbed its intricacies and nuances. I believe, and correct me if I am wrong; our system is the most complicated healthcare system in the world. Do you know any other country on earth that has numerous books solely for coding diseases and its corresponding charges? We do. How about insurance; do you actually keep track of what’s going on behind those bills, copays, and deductibles? I think I know the answer! But don’t worry; technology is on our side.

Simplee and Cake Health are two web-based companies who are willing to sort those things out for you. If you are familiar with MINT, the online personal finance management tool, then you will find these two applications interesting. It connects into your insurance accounts, collate all your medical, dental and pharmacy bills and present it in an easy to understand dashboard. At a glance, you will be able to determine all your medical care cost; out of pocket payments, deductibles and other similar information. It also alerts you of any upcoming events or warnings such as insurance claim review or billing errors.

Here’s how they describe themselves from their websites:


Our mission is to help you understand and manage health care expenses. Simplee aims to empower you with tools and insights to optimize your health care benefits and lower your health care costs. Becoming a smart consumer of health care is increasingly important, as costs are rising rapidly. Consumer premiums and out of pocket medical expenses have increased by over 50% in the last 5 years.
Simplee centralizes all your health care information in a safe environment, and displays it in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand. Simplee provides insights and tips to improve care and reduce costs, all based on your individual needs and consumption.


Cake Health

Cake Health makes it easy to understand and manage your health care. We show you how much you’re paying and how you might be able to save money. Cake Health was founded in 2010 because we believe that being and staying healthy shouldn’t be hard. We’re physically located in the Bay Area of California, but our team and our partners are located around the US.
Cake is likened to simplicity. “Piece of Cake.” “Cake-walk.” Since we are making the simplest solution one can find to manage their healthcare, we wanted to portray this in our name. It was also important to avoid intimidating terms that sounded like a hospital or medical lab. Healthcare is intimidating enough. We wanted to stay approachable. Cake represents a celebration. When you are healthy, there are more years to celebrate you. And more birthdays mean more cake.


Now go and check it out. Please do come back and tell me what you think about it.