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iPhoney….the ultimate knockoff

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Please Join the First and Only Online Nursing Informatics Forum!

Nursing Informatics is a rapidly emerging profession all over the world. The number and interest of people towards this endeavor are growing every day. It is estimated that with the current initiative to pursue technology as the solution to our current healthcare delivery problems, the number of nursing informatics professional will grow exponentially in theContinue Reading

What is Nursing Informatics According to Social Media?

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Please Click Enter…The Doctor is now Online.

Did you know that a physician’s encounter transcript may look like this soon? Dr:  asl pls? Patient: 32, M, NY Dr: CC? Patient: PDH w/ fvr 4 3 ds In case you do not know what  ASL means in chat lingo is, it means Age, Sex, Location or PDH is Pretty Darn Hot. This typeContinue Reading

Simple Cake- Two Online Tools to Manage your Personal Healthcare Expenses

 Do you really understand how the healthcare payment system works in this country? Honestly I spent 6 months studying healthcare finance in my master’s class, but I have not fully absorbed its intricacies and nuances. I believe, and correct me if I am wrong; our system is the most complicated healthcare system in the world.Continue Reading

EMR Buffet-5 Free Electronic Medical Records That Physicians Should Look into.

Who said that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”? In most cases, it is true, but believe me, there are still a lot of  good stuff out there that we can get for free. Case in point are Electronic Medical Record applications. Believe it or not, there are free EMR solutions available forContinue Reading

Are they Really Killing Us Slowly (With their Drugs)?

This is a really funny but insightful parody criticizing our beloved pharmaceutical industry. Are they friends or foe? Are they genuinely helping us or just helping themselves? Watch it and drop me some comments later.   Thanks @eel_deal.