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Sayonara Google Health…Aloha Facebook Health?

The impending demise of Google health is a sign of our current reservation to embrace the power of connected and accessible Personal Health Record. Despite its potential to provide an avenue for an efficient and safe healthcare system, we chose to opt out of it. Why? The reason is simple; the public is not wellContinue Reading

EHR Saved the Day in Joplin-CNO to ONC

Looks like EHR works after all. The Office of National Coordinator (ONC) spoke recently to Dottie Bringle, the CNO of St. John’s Mercy Hospital in Joplin to discuss how their hospital’s electronic health record proved indispensable during the tragedy that hit them. Dottie Bringle, R.N.,  was on her way to Ireland when the tornado hitContinue Reading

an app a day keeps medication error away…..The Artemis Safedose System

The Institute of Medicine’s report entitled “Preventing Medication Errors: Quality Chasm Series” reiterates its previous findings that medication error is one of the most prevalent and costliest problem in our current healthcare system. As nurses, we all know that these events really happen in the clinical area. In minor cases, it can even go unreported.Continue Reading

EMR- Every Medical practitioner should Realize

My feeling is that most medical practitioners are now confused about what EMR solution to adopt. Compounded by the multitude of available option and their lack of complete understanding about the complexity of this animal called IT, they are dazed and tangled trying to decide which is which. When I spoke to some of theseContinue Reading

Health IT Teaching Materials Now Available to the Public

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is pleased to announce that a set of 20 curriculum components is now available to the public at no cost, including all institutions of higher education nationwide and internationally. Funded by the $10 million ONC Curriculum Development Centers Program, these teaching materials have been inContinue Reading

Google Apps VS Microsoft 365…Fight!

Today’s Technology arena is a bloody battlefield. It is a perilous environment wherein who blinks first dies fast. Case in point is the forthcoming battle between Google’s Web Apps and Microsoft 365 . Both aims to provide a cloud based business productivity tools. Google’s offering involves the consolidation of their popular applications like Docs, Gmail,Continue Reading

Is my latest cholesterol level safe in the clouds? (a closer look at cloud computing in healthcare)

  Most of us are already using the power of cloud computing in so many ways. You might not be aware of it, but when you use the Internet to upload your vacation pictures into Flicker or store your documents in your DropBox, you are already taking advantage of “cloud power”. You might ask, isContinue Reading