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Hack-A-Day Showcases the latest, coolest and indispensable tips and tricks to improve productivity.

Hack-A-Day #5 How to Minimize Mouse Clicks in Everything Windows

Have you ever wonder how many mouse clicks do you make in a day? As a Nurse Informaticist, we probably clicking  it  more  than a few thousand times, or perhaps even more if you’re inflected with a serious case of “hyperactive mouse finger disorder”. It really depends on how “clicker happy” you are. I am not sure ifContinue Reading

Hack-A-Day #4 How to Create E-books from RSS Feeds and Read it on your E-Readers.

Nurses read books too right? I am sure most of us even owns an e-reader or a tablet computer like an iPad.  So I decided that it would be really cool if I can teach you how to convert RSS feeds into an e-book  that you can use with your reader. RSS is Rich SiteContinue Reading

Hack-A-Day #3- How to Googlelize Your Boring Office-Imposed Internet Explorer

Some of you might say that I can read your minds. I know…I know… You are already sick and tired of that boring IE 6 or 8 that  your IT administrator is forcing you to swallow. But don’t despair, remember that old adage, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. So sit tight and readContinue Reading

Hack-A-Day #2: How to Use Dropbox if it is Blocked in your Network.

Like I told you before, ditch your old USB drive. It’s so outdated as your CRT monitors and your “Flock of Seagulls” LP record. Cloud storage is the future! With Dropbox, you can access your files in the office or wherever you are (i mean as long as you have an internet connection) OK…O.K. ButContinue Reading

Hack-A-Day: OpenProject, the free project management application

Even if everybody tells me that “there’s no such thing us free lunch”, I still believe otherwise. With a little digging, you will realize that the internet is a cauldron of tasty free treats. The key word is “Open Source”. If you are too broke to buy these ridiculously expensive applications, just append the wordContinue Reading

Flipboard…the best reason to own an iPad

If you think your hospital issued iPad is only good for viewing x-ray and CAT scan results. Well, think again, there’s FLIPBOARD. Flipboard is a social media infused magazine app for iOS devices. You might have heard of News aggregator apps, Twitter apps, Pulse, etc. But I am sure you have never seen anything likeContinue Reading

5 Popular Collaboration Applications that you might not heard of

A day in the life of a Nurse Informaticist is always spent with collaboration and communication activities. Every day we are expected to work with our project teams to ensure that our efforts are in synch with each other. However, some of us are stuck with an unattractive and poorly designed company portal that lacksContinue Reading